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Born to Italian Immigrants from Puglia, Italy, in 1983 Vitangelo Recchia’s journey in life was destined for the restaurant business. From a young age, he showed interest in cooking; whether it was helping his mother make her famous focaccia, helping his dad roll pizza dough at their families’

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pizzerias, or his family’s trips back to Puglia tasting the simple ingredients of Southern Italian Cuisine Vito has always been inspired by the ability of reaching people through food. He attended Penn State University studying hotel and restaurant management where he spent a year in Rome and became infatuated by the remarkable city’s history, architecture, people and food. A few years after college his journey continued leading him to attend one of the top culinary schools in Italy, ALMA La Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana headed by Gualtiero Marchesi specializing in classical Italian culinary technique. After graduating top of his class, Vito stayed in Italy worked in Michelin star awarded, Pasha Ristorante, in Conversano, Italy.

After moving back to the U.S. Vito worked in restaurants in Chicago, West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale Florida. In West Palm Beach he met his wife Theresa who had a background in wine sales and while working as the Sous Chef for the Riverside Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Vito met Carlos Claudio a talented pastry chef who he knew that one day they would work together again and now they are.

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In 2013 an opportunity came and took Vito to Port Charlotte, Florida where he acquired Bella Napoli Pizzeria & Restaurant a staple New York Italian Pizzeria in the community. He worked hard enhancing the quality of ingredients and guest experience but was always looking to create something of his own and bring a new experience to the community.

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He has spent the last three years pursuing education on Pizza. During these times he trained under Master Pizzaiolo, Tony Gemignani in San Francisco, and in Miami under, Massamiliano Saevia, the trailblazer in bringing Roman Pizza to the United States. All of this journey takes us to now, to Taglio Cuciana & Pizzeria Romana.

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Taglio Cucina & Pizzeria Romana is located in the Promenade Shopping Plaza in Port Charlotte, Florida. Here you will find two types of Roman Pizza- Pizza al Taglio and Pizza Romana as well as an assortment of Italian meats and cheeses, gourmet chopped salads, traditional pasta dishes like Amaticiana and Carbona are well as fresh made pastries by Carlos Claudio and Italian Wines and craft beers selected by his wife, Theresa.

opened in San Francisco

We want our guests to experience Rome the minute they step foot into Taglio. Roman Pizza is the newest phenomenon in the world of Pizza and this new concept is popping up all of the United States. What makes Roman Pizza different? Well it starts with the dough. Containing no sugar and using Polselli Flour imported from Rome containing ancient grains. The dough goes through a 72-96 hour fermentation process which results in a light, airy, crispy and highly digestible product. It is the base for gourmet toppings.


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